Oops! The Craziest Va-Jay-Jay Car Pics Of All Time (PHOTOS)

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    One of our favorite things to write is the nip slip post. Basically, every six months or so, we look for an excuse to display some of our favorite celeb boob slips over the year.

    PHOTOS: Whoops! Anne Hathaway Speaks On Vag Slip: “They Saw Everything!” 

    You folks like looking at that kind of stuff (the numbers are usually strong) and we enjoy searching the Internet for boobage. So it’s a win for everyone.

    PHOTO: RED CARPET RECAP: Anne Hathaway Gets Risque In Tom Ford For “Les Miserables”

    We’ve been itching to do another boobie post, except there’s a problem. There hasn’t been a dress malfunctions to report to you folks.

    Then Anne Hathaway saved us.

    The actress was heading to her Les Miserables premiere, when, while walking out the car, the world got to see straight pink.


    So instead of doing a boob post, we’re switching it up. We’re doing crotch shots! And we’re not calling it that either (we’re classy people, folks). Instead, we’re calling it embarrassing pics of celebs hopping out the whip. Or something like that. 

    Before we go on, however, let’s give respect to the Queen of this movement, Britney Spears: 

    OK, we got that out of our system. Now here’s the rest of the list.

    Melanie B

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Paris Hilton 

    Victoria Beckham

    Lana Del Rey

    Lindsay Lohan

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


    Anne Hathaway. And, just to diversify things a little bit…

    Kanye West! Are you happy now, ladies?

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