C’MON SON! Gunplay Says The Government Was Behind The Newtown Shooting (DETAILS)

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    Yesterday MMG rapper Gunplay was tweeting up a storm about the terrible Newtown tragedy, in which a crazed man went into an elementary school and shot 20 children and six adults. 

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    Gunplay, however, doesn’t think this was the work of a rogue shooter. The rapper — who has a history of being a little loony — said he thinks that it was the government who killed the innocent children.

    Gunplay sent a number of tweets about the subject. The rapper eventually erased the controversial tweets, but luckily, XXL screen-grabbed the craziness.

    Here’s what he tweeted: 


    After these tweets, Gunplay would go on to tweet a number of conspiracy theories about the Obama administration.

    Yeah, honestly, we like Gunplay a lot, but this isn’t the rapper’s best moment.  


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