Ludacris Feat. Swizz Beatz & Pusha T “Tell Me Why They Mad For” (NEW MUSIC)

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    LudacrisLudaversal comes out next year – which is right around the corner – and he decided to end December off nice with this cut “Tell Me Why They Mad For” featuring Swizz Beatz and Pusha T.

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    And who better to do a song called “Tell Me Why They Mad For” than Pusha T, who definitely has a few heavy-hitting haters?

    The G.O.O.D Music rapper goes in once again on you know who - Lil Wayne & Co. – throwing some personal shots:

    “Maybe cuz your b***hes was never really your b***hes, with your baby mama f**king every rapper in the business/ N***as saying you was better when the drugs was in your system/ Now your crack swag gone ever since you came from prison.”

    Luda follows up with:

    Is it cuz I got houses on every coast/ Or that I’m on that Forbes list making rich rappers look broke/ While they’ll blowing that smoke, I’m blowing a couple million, blowing on imposters.”

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    We’re not sure who’s really mad with this track, because Luda, Pusha and Swizz gave us something dope on this Christmas Eve!

    Check it out below.

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