10 Sports Questions That Will Get Answered In 2013 (LIST)

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    In 2012, it seems like every sport had their ups and downs.

    Football had ups like the epic Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, and then downs like the whole replacement refs fiasco.

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    The NHL had one of the best playoffs in years, then a couple of months later, hockey for the 2012-13 season was canceled.  

    Trends like this were found in all major sports.

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    Now we’re in a new year. So what will 2013 hold? We’re not all the way sure, but we do know that the following 10 questions will be answered this upcoming year. 

    Will good conquer evil in the NCAA Championship game? 

    One of the fiercest rivalries in all of college football was the one between Notre Dame Fighting Irish football and University of Miami. The rivalry was described as “good vs. evil” because Notre Dame is a Catholic university, while UM was known for its hard partying ways.

    Miami is terrible and has been terrible for a while. So the new “good vs. bad” is going to happen this month during the NCAA championship game. The game is Notre Dame vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tides are coached by Nick Saban, one of the most notorious figures in college football. It should be interesting!  

    Are the NY Knicks real or frauds?

    The Knicks are the number one team in the east right now. But the regular season means little. It’s all about the playoffs. Can a team like this really knock off the defending championship Miami Heat? We’ll find out, but there should be doubts. We have to see if Amar’e Stoudemire can mesh with the rest of the team. And there is also this question: can a jump shooting team, like the Knicks, win a chip?

    What’s going to be the next super fight in boxing?

    When Manny Pacquiao got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, any dreams of a serious big money fight featuring Manny and Floyd Mayweather was completely ruined. So boxing moves on. Floyd Mayweather is still the king of the sport, but he needs a dance partner. Who will emerge this year? The top contenders are lightweight Adrien Broner, welterweight Robert Guerrero, or junior middleweight Canelo Alvarez.

    Will Hockey survive?

    Face it, folks, hockey is done for the 2012-13 season. After months of negotiating, the two sides are still nowhere near reaching an agreement. At this point, you have to wonder about the future of hockey: can a sport survive after two of its seasons in the span of five years gets canceled? It’s going to be tough. 

    Who will win the epic MVP race between LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony?

    They are arguably the three greatest players in the NBA, and they are all having career years. You could make the argument that all three players deserve a piece of the award. But there can only be one. 

    Who will win the eventual Peyton Manning Vs. Tom Brady Showdown?

    Everyone gets really excited about the Super Bowl, but we’re more pumped for the game before that: the AFC Championship game. If the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots do their jobs and win their respective second round series (and they should) we’ll have an all time great AFC Championship on our hands: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. In our best Bart Scott voice: “Can’t Wait!” 

    Will Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get into the Hall of Fame?

    This is going to be a tricky situation for baseball writers. Everyone basically knows that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens juiced throughout their career. So should they go in the most prestigious Hall of Fame when, A, everyone from their era juiced and, B, there’s no clear-cut evidence that they knowingly cheated? 

    What does the future hold for Tim Tebow?  

    We’re pretty sure his career as a NY Jet is a wrap. He’s probably going to end up playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, where’ll he’ll be loved by all the Floridians out there. The thing about Tebow, however, is he likes attention (which is why he chose to be traded to the Jets in the first place.) So he’s going to find his way into the headlines again. We’re thinking he might start a fling with Taylor Swift or something. 

    Which athlete will have the funniest mug shot? 

    Even though he doesn’t play in the league anymore, ex-New York Knick Latrell Sprewell took an early lead with the beat you see above. 

    Who will be the next Tiger Woods? 

    Actually, this is a question we’ve been asking ourselves for years now, even when Woods was still killing. But it’s clear as day that the best of Tiger Woods is gone now. Who is left to take that crown? Come on, Rory, get it together!  

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