CUZ MY GEAR: 10 Hip-Hop Fashion Lines You Might Have Forgotten About (LIST)

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    One of the things we love about A$AP Rocky is his high fashion IQ. He was one of our 12 best dressed men of 2013 for a reason; he knows how to put together a quality outfit.

    So when he talks about fashion, we listen.

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    Recently, HipHopWired ran an interview where Rocky was asked if he was interested in starting his own clothing line. Here is what the always outspoken rapper said:

    “I might collab with designers, but that sh-t corny. When rappers be doing that clothing line sh*t, that sh-t be corny man. That’s a slow reality show. Ya know how reality shows wash n*ggas up. I feel that clothing line sh*t is just a slower reality show. That sh*t corny man.”

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    A$AP Rocky isn’t entirely wrong. Like, we love rappers and we love fashion…but rappers doing fashion has always been a mixed bag.

    The trend of rappers having a successful clothing line seems to have died down. The only two we can really name off the top of our head are Lil Wayne and his Trukfit brand, and Clipse and their Play Cloths line.

    We figure your memory is foggy, too. So here are 10 other hip-hop clothing lines you might have forgotten about!

    Fat Joe’s FJ560 clothing line. 

    Busta Rhymes’ Bushi Sport line  

    Master P’s P.Miller line

    Bow Wow’s Shago line 

    Eminem’s Shady Ltd. line 

    Snoop Dogg’s self-titled line

    Nelly’s Vokal line 

    50 Cent’s G-Unit line

    Jim Jones’ Nostic line 

    Fabolous’ Rich Yung

    T.I.’s Akoo line 

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