Kim Kardashian Gets Juiced As Kris Humphries Rumors Heat Up (PHOTOS)

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    Everybody and their mama have something to say about Kim Kardashian being pregnant and Kanye West being the father. But that doesn’t seem to be knocking Kim off her game. 

    The lovely mother to be stopped by the gym this afternoon and hit up Jamba Juice for a drink and a snack. And even though Kimmy is acting like all is good in the hood, she’s still under more scrutiny. 

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    From paternity jokes to quoting negative ‘Ye lines in reference to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, Kim K. is getting it pretty bad from the public.

    Most recently, she’s had to deal with the media reporting her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries may possibly be able to claim the KimYe baby as his own.

    According to David T. Pisarra’s statement to the Huffington Post, this is absolutely untrue. 

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    He stated:

    “California law is clear that when a child is born to a married couple the presumption of fatherhood is in favor of the husband, but that assumes they are living together, cohabitating in legal terms. Since Kim and Kris are separated the presumption of Kris as the father would not apply. I imagine that when baby Kimye is born, Kim will name Kanye as the father and he will sign a Declaration of Paternity just like thousands of other unmarried couples do to protect the rights of the baby to have both loving parents in his/her life forever.”

    If this is the correct interpretation of the law, then unlike TMZ has reported, no “clear and convincing” evidence will be needed to prove ‘Ye is the father, regardless of what Kris Humphries has to say about anything. 

    SOURCE: Huffington Post/TMZ 

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