Will Pregnant Kim Kontinue Toning It Down For Kanye?

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    Who’s running Hollywood right now?

    Most likely, you guessed correctly; that would be Kim Kardashian and her man-turned-baby daddy, Kanye West!

    After announcing that they’re expecting a little bundle of joy at one of Kanye’s recent concerts in Atlantic City, the media went into a frenzy and rightfully so.

    There’s absolutely no doubt that Baby KimYe will be the most popular newborn since Jay and Bey brought Blue Ivy into this world, exactly one year ago today. 

    Doubting that bold statement? Kim has already received gifts from several high-end baby stores, not to mention she was offered millions of dollars for her baby’s first photos. And while history shows signing neatly on the dotted line is usually Kardashian tradition, the couple surprisingly brushed off the offer.

    Let’s just say that is not the average baby’s problem…

    So my question is, who’s decision was it to turn the payday down? Was it Kanye’s influence? It definitely had to be, because Kim K. just does not go around turning down $3 million everyday.

    Since day one, ‘Ye made it crystal clear that he would like Kim to switch up her lifestyle: downplaying her start as a sex tape star in his songs and even having his stylist work with hers to fill her entire wardrobe with classier, less provocative ensembles.  

    Though the other two babies in the large, blended Kardashian family (Kourt’s kids Mason & Penelope) were literally brought into this world while filming for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it just doesn’t seem like it’s Yeezy’s style to put a price on his child’s head, or make his/her place in the world so unbearably public.

    Though Yeezy has been open with his relationship in certain ways, it’s definitely noticeable that he wants to keep the most intimate pieces of it to himself.

    Come on, he’s best friends with Jay-Z, who won’t even let us see too much of the BACK of Blue Ivy’s head, let alone plaster her face all over millions of magazines for a quick buck!

    The real question here is, when will Kim and Yeezy’s different parenting styles become an issue for their family?

    Though Kris Jenner is really the mastermind behind deals like the one Yeezy and Kim K. turned down, we all know how close Kris is to her daughters… especially her beloved, prized possession Kim.

    Will Kanye be able to keep Kim grounded?

    We all saw Reggie Bush slowly but surely get kicked to the curb when he had finally had enough of the cameras, lights, and action…

    Though we love them together and they’re obviously genuinely in love, Kim might have to continue toning it down if she wants to keep her man around. ‘Ye ain’t having it! 

    Who knows though?

    Maybe the decision to not exploit their baby for 3 milli was mutual… 

    We may never know, but we sure do have a solid idea what the answer is!

    - Sukii Prettyy

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