Tyga & Rick Ross “Dope” (NEW VIDEO)

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    Tyga and Rick Ross are both dope.


    DETAILS: They Need Their Money Pronto! Tyga Sued By Video Vixens For Exposing Their Nips 

    But just in case in there were any doubts, the two rappers spell it out quite clearly in the video for “Dope,” the first single off Tyga’s upcoming album, Hotel California. (The song used to be called “187.” Walmart must have called.)

    The two hip-hop heavyweights connect like Snoop and Dre did years ago: “Dope” samples the legendary anti-police anthem “Deep Cover.”

    And speaking of the police, Tyga and Ross don’t have much use for them here, either. The two rappers spend most of their time in the video dodging the po-po, while rocking some killer furs. (Actually, there’s a chance that was PETA chasing the two rappers down, not the police. We’re not sure now.)

    MUSIC: Tyga & Rick Ross “187″ 

    Give the video a glance above and let us know if you think it’s hot. 

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