Three Stacks Thursdays – Things You Can Do In Paris With No Budget

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    It’s Thursday again and we have put together a list of great things for you to do. Since today is Three Stacks Thursday, we are taking you to the French “City Of Lights” for this installment of Dollars & Sense. That’s right, Paris has an entire list of amazing things for you to do, but we have narrowed it down if you happen to be going there soon or even if you live there. Check it all out below!

    Go To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

    This is the monument we all think we know and yet, when you actually see the real thing, there’s still something astonishing about the metal structure, the ride up in the vintage lifts and, of course, the views.

    It was the tallest building in the world when it opened for the 1889 Exposition Universelle and was originally a temporary structure, decried by many, including Maupassant, who visited every day so he didn’t have to see it from afar. Note that queues are shorter if you come late at night. The Eiffel Tower has a fabulous luxury restaurant, Le Jules Verne (with its own lift) and has just added a Champagne bar on the top floor.


    Visit The Salvador Dali Exhibit At Centre Pompidou

    You enter through an egg and exit through a brain in this fresh look at the Spanish Surrealist and communication genius, 30 years after the Centre Pompidou’s most successful ever exhibition. The artist is followed from Figueras to Barcelona, Paris and New York, tracing his blending of dream and reality, identities and genders, and his ambiguities from his fascination with dictators to the love of money that earned him the nickname Avida Dollars.


    Financial Tip Of The Day

    Avoid ATM Fees

    Be aware of the ATM withdrawal fees charged by your bank. While some banks waive fees for all ATM transactions on any ATM machine, most don’t. So be sure to use only those ATM machines where your bank will not charge the fees, or withdraw directly at your bank.

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