No Money Mondays – Things To Do In New York For No Money At All

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    Welcome back to the work week, we missed you!

    We know that Mondays aren’t easy for very many people, so we have put together a list of great things that you can do today. The best part about it all is that, like every other Monday, we have assembled a couple of activities that won’t cost you a dime. Check it out in today’s New York City installment of Dollars & Sense!

    Walk Over The Brooklyn Bridge

    Completed in 1883, the 1,595ft-long suspension bridge, is as iconic a symbol of the city as the Empire State Building. Start at Center Street near City Hall, and take in views of Governors Island to the south and the Manhattan Bridge to the north. Once in Brooklyn, head to the esplanade in Brooklyn Heights, for great views of Manhattan.


    Visit The “Lunch Hour NYC” Exhibit

    Before food trucks and Seamless, there were nickel-operated, grub-dispensing automats and Haim’s Quick Lunch Restaurant. Learn about the evolution of New York’s midday meal at this culinary exhibit charting the rise of New York traditions like the hot dog stand and the power lunch. Check out photographs, once-secret recipes and menus from landmarks like Delmonico’s and Sardi’s, as well as a restored chrome-and-glass automat machine.


    New York Public Library

    Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

    Fifth Ave, at 42nd St


    Financial Tip Of The Day

    Watch Out For Expiration Dates On Perishable Goods

    This one seems intuitive when you read it, but you would be surprised at how many people do not pay attention to expiry dates. No point getting a gallon of milk if it is going to turn sour with a couple of days. Same goes for meat, eggs, yogurt, spreads, frozen items, deli/bakery items etc.

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