Super Stoked! 7 Essential Things To Have At A Super Bowl Party (LIST)

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    It’s Party time! Oh! We’re having a party! A Super Bowl Party.

    The Ravens and the 49ers are going to clash on Sunday and you’re thinking about inviting people over to your house. Who are we kidding, you’ve probably already invited a bunch of people to your house and now you’re feeling a bit nervous about your party. Will people like your guac! Will your hot wings turn people’s mouth into an inferno! Will your rendition of the Ray Lewis dance leave people entertained or you embarrassed?!

    Well don’t worry we got you covered. We are going to give you 7 bomb ass fundamentals that will make your party better than the Super Bowl commercials. 

    So sit back follow this short checklist and if you got all of these things you can quarterback sack your worries away.

    You ready? Leggo!

    There are always essentials when it comes to the foods to munch on during the big game, and hot wings is definitely one of them! Don’t forget those carrots and celery sticks as a healthy choice to go with the dressings and sauces!

    No Super Bowl party is a real party without lots, and we mean LOTS, of beer! No man can truly root for his favorite team without holding a beer can or bottle to possibly spill everywhere throughout the night.

    To make things interesting with your alcohol supply, create a drinking game. Every time the other team scores a point, chug down that drink anytime their player does a classic victory dance!

    Make sure you invite a crazy football fanatic over to keep the enthusiasm up anytime there’s a boring moment in the game. The teams probably won’t score every minute of the quarters, so watching can get a little on the dull side.

    Designate one person in the group to explain the rules of the game to the ladies out there who don’t understand. Every person in the country is watching the Super Bowl, so of course you’re going to have some at your party who don’t know what’s going on!

    Always stock up on more than enough chips so that you don’t run out! With all of the excitement of the game, you might not realize how much of the bag people go through in the course of one half.

    Try to make sure there’s enough chairs for everyone. While most of the true football fans will be jumping out of their seats and going insane throughout the game, they’ll probably want a place to calm down during the commercial breaks.

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