Hip-Hop Or Not? Kanye West & 7 Other Rappers Clowned For Starting Unusual Trends In Hip-Hop (PHOTOS)

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    Let’s face it. 

    Kanye West isn’t the only rapper in recent history to start an unfavorable trend or dress in a way his hip-hop peers don’t approve of.

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    Yes, he may be wearing skirts, but let’s not forget about all the other men who’ve taken the game to a whole new, interesting level with their weird influences.

    From unusual colors, to the “King of NY wearing open-toe sandals,” we can bet your favorite rapper has been called out a time or two.

    Some of the time, earlier generations have an issue with the way newer rappers rap, dress, or present themselves in general and it can lead to some pretty heated, controversial debates.  

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    Other times, even peers will argue that the direction certain players are taking the game ain’t hip-hop.

    Jump right into the list below to see who got called out, what they got called out for, and just who fired the shots.

    Here we go!

    Jay Z In Sandals

    Jay caught a lot of slack for being spotted on the beach with flip-flops on. Fellow rapper Cam’ron dissed him on a track, making fun of his get-up. Cam infamously opened up the diss track, “Got To Love It,” with:

    “You talkin’ about you a 80’s baby. You 37-years-old, you was born in 1968 and I open the Daily News… How’s the ‘King of NY’ rocking sandals with jeans? Open toe sandals with choncletas with jeans on… How’s the ‘King of NY’ rocking sandals with jeans and he’s 42-years old?”

    Damn Cam!!

    Gangster In Pink

    Out of nowhere, Cam’ron started rocking pink and even rapped about it on his songs. From t-shirts to furs to his pink Range Rover, Cam had so many things in this traditionally girly color that it started to upset some people. 

    We will never truly know if Nicki Minaj was throwing shots at Cam or truly paying homage when she said:

    “First dude, first dude to wear pink and drive a pink Range Rover and wear pink coats and all that and make it pop. Pink bandanas and all that.  He paved the way for me to wear pink. Wow. Wow. Wow. We gotta bow down to Cam. Damn, son.”

    She’s definitely right about him doing pink up though!

    The Coldest In The Game

    No one’s ever famously thrown shots at Gucci Mane for being too girly, but the whole world questioned his sanity when he tatted an ice cream cone on his face… right after being released from a mental hospital. 

    Even his tattoo artist came forward, telling the blogs that he suggested Gucci get the tat in a different spot at least.

    One media outlet even titled an article “Rapper Gucci Mane Getting Rid Of Dumb Azz Ice Cream Tat.”

    Pretty straight forward huh? Still, plenty of others followed suit, getting various face tattoos!

    The Auto-Tune Man

    Auto-Tune has always been used for pitch correction, but T-Pain made it hot to use the effect on hip-hop songs in many other ways. Rappers started singing more, slapping Auto-Tune all over their songs, and you either loved it or hated it. 

    Jay-Z HATED it – so much so that he created “Death Of Auto Tune” or D.O.A to get T-Pain and anyone else using it, to stop. He rapped:

    “You n*ggas singing too much. Get back to rap, you T-Paining too much. I’m a multi-millionaire. So how is it that I’m the hardest rapper here?”

    Needless to say, T-Pain didn’t take kindly to that, however the trend has slowly faded away. 

    WHO?! Mike Jooooooooooooooooooones!!

    We didn’t necessarily have a problem with Mike Jones and his big chain that he showed off as much as possible when in the spotlight. The late hip-hop veteran Pimp C sure had a few choice words for the newer rapper though. His exact comment?

    “Them big ol’ plates they be wearing that look like dinner plates? Them diamonds are monkey. You need to take that monkey shit back ’cause you embarrassing us.”

    R.I.P Pimp!!

    The Jegging 

    Tight jeans have to be one issue that most guys in hip-hop have complained about in one way or another. 

    Even though Jay succumbed to a more fitted jean look, he once rapped:

    “Can’t wear skinny jeans cause my knots don’t fit”

    on “Swagger Like Us.”

    Referring to Lil Wayne specifically, 50 Cent commented in a radio interview once:

    “They dress like the skateboarders. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, that’s ‘their’ culture. That is like clothes the skateboarders would wear. You see what I’m saying? [Maybe he likes to skateboard?] Yeah, I just don’t know gangsters from New Orleans that skateboard. It’s gonna get interesting.”


    The Skirt/Kilt/Man Dress

    Kanye West isn’t the only hip-hop head to perform and be seen in a skirt/kilt publicly. P. Diddy has also cosigned the trend, as well as A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi. Chris Brown let it be known immediately that he is not with it at all! He commented:

    “That shit suspect!!!!!! Can’t get with that swag! N*ggas gone be wearing heels next.” 

    Rapper Cam’ron tweeted:

    “Pyrex and a skirt? Shit ain’t adding up. And if u co-sign this I’m blocking u!! Straight up. Ima have to save us.” 

    So what do you think?

    Photo Credit: Instagram/GETTY/BeyonceWorld

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