OH HELL NO! Man Doesn’t Want Black Nurse To Take Care Of His Baby (DETAILS)

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    Nurse Tonya Battle was hard at work caring for an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit of Hurley Medical Center in Michigan when she became a victim of racial discrimination.

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    According to reports, the baby’s father noticed Battle with his child and asked to speak to a supervisor.

    He then told the supervisor that he “did not want any African Americans taking care of his child.”

    The man proceeded to roll up his sleeve and reveal a tattoo that resembled a Swastika.

    The child was reassigned to another nurse right away and Battle returned to work the next day to see a note stating “No African American nurse to take care of baby” on her clipboard.

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    She is now suing the hospital for condoning the father’s behavior and banning her from caring for the child based on the color of her skin.

    ‘[She] was shocked, offended and in disbelief that she was so egregiously discriminated against based on her race and re-assigned,’ the court documents state.

    What do you think the hospital should’ve done?


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