Watertown Shootout & Explosions At MIT Leave 1 Police Officer Dead (PHOTOS)

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    UPDATE: 11:30 AM EST

    For the latest on the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect and a timeline of the Watertown shooting, click below:

    Watertown Shootout At MIT: What We Know So Far (PHOTOS x VIDEO)


    UPDATE: 9:46 AM EST

    Police have released the name of the officer who was fatally injured late last night during a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

    Officer Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, was identified as the victim in last night’s shooting. No further details have been released.


    UPDATE: 5:00 AM EST

    Law enforcement sources say bombing suspects have international ties and have been in US for as long as a year.

    Picture of robots and police searching for bomb in suspects car:


    UPDATE: 4:16 AM EST

    The Boston Police Department released this photo via Twitter with the message:

    WANTED: Police Searching for Suspect (Picture Provided)


    UPDATE: 4:00 AM EST

    It has been reported by the Boston Police Commissioner that suspect one is dead and suspect two is on the run.

    The police are confirming that suspect one is the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in the black hat.


    UPDATE: 2:50 AM EST

    Here is another video of the firefight between the suspects and police.


    UPDATE: 2:25 AM EST

    The Boston Globe is reporting that one Marathon bombing suspect has been caught, and another is on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with the police.


    UPDATE: 2:12 AM EST

    This video has just been released of a Watertown resident watching the gunfire exchange unfold right in front of his house.


    UPDATE: 2:07 AM EST

    Police are now giving the MIT campus an “all clear:”

    “It is now safe to resume normal activities. Please remain vigilant in the coming hours.”

    The second “suspect” has been released and sent home, indicating that the original suspect is still at large.


    UPDATE: 1:50 AM EST

    Police are confirming that a new suspect taken into custody in handcuffs matches description of person described on radios.


    Late Thursday night, officers reported that two suspects were exchanging gunfire with law enforcement on the campus of MIT in Boston.

    The shooting happened around 10:45 pm near Building 32 (Stata), which is currently surrounded by responding agencies. The area is cordoned off.

    One MIT police officer was shot multiple times and died from his injuries, the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office confirmed. He has yet to be identified.

    According to the District Attorney’s office, the MIT campus police officer was responding to a report of a disturbance in the area of Vassar and Main streets when he was shot. 

    There were also reports of a large explosion, apparently caused by hand grenades being thrown at police. One witness says he heard one loud explosion and about 30 gunshots.

    A local resident says that two men threw what appeared to be “pressure cooker bomb” at police. 

    The suspects reportedly stole a black Mercedes from Cambridge, but ended up being caught in Watertown, right outside of Boston.

    The stolen Mercedes.

    The first suspect has been taken into custody. The suspect was shot by police and taken to Beth Israel hospital. There is no update on his condition.

    Cops have confirmed that the second suspect is in a vehicle with long gun. Cops have it surrounded with guns.

    It is unclear if the two suspects are connected with the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Story developing.





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