TURN UP! 10 Wicked Awesome Pictures Of Boston Celebrating The Capture Of Suspect #2 (PHOTOS)

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    This week has been one of the most tortured in hundreds of years for the city of Boston as the Marathon was hit with bombs, and the suspects were on the loose.

    While the whole city was on a lockdown yesterday while the FBI, police, and S.W.A.T. teams searched for suspect #2, the good news finally came in that he was in custody.

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    The rest of the nation was certainly relieved, but no one was happier than the residents of Boston themselves.

    Many gathered in the streets after coming out from lockdown and rejoiced together that their neighborhoods were safe again, and the authorities were honored with plenty of food and hugs from citizens.

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    Even the people of NYC were seen celebrating the capturing of the suspect, as all of our hearts went out to the city and the victims of the bombing.

    Check out 10 awesome photos from Boston celebrating the capturing of suspect #2 below!

    1. People of Boston gather in the streets to celebrate the capturing of suspect #2

    2. S.W.A.T. team members and police officers are served food after nearly 20 hours of searching non-stop for suspect #2

    3. Citizens walk the streets of Boston wearing an American flag to celebrate our country

    4. Boston residents crowd surf to celebrate the capturing of suspect #2 in the streets

    5. Citizens take pictures with the brave police officers who helped search for suspect #2

    6. Fans at the NY Mets game cheer as news of suspect #2 being captured is revealed

    7. A teenager puts his friend on his back while celebrating in the streets of Boston

    8. Residents put out Americans flags from their windows for the people cheering in the streets

    9. Crowds get together to cheer at the American flag after the capturing of suspect #2

    10. S.W.A.T. team members finally get some food after a long day of searching for suspect #2

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