What Does Farrah’s Sex Tape Mean For Society’s View On Teen Moms?

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    Times are tough.

    If you are reading this right now, as a citizen of the year 2013, then you know that’s true.

    These days, we see all kinds of acts of desperation coming from human beings in order to scrape together a living.

    Whether it’s over finances, reputation, or gaining credibility, no one is set for life in being a survivor of today’s struggling times.

    But out of our own efforts to save ourselves and our futures, are we adding fuel to our society’s fire?

    Pretty damn much.

    Farrah Abraham, one of the stars of the original MTV show Teen Mom, recently signed off her own sex tape with an adult film star, and earned almost a million dollars.

    While she might see it as a butt load of cash coming her way, it’s just tainted money in my eyes.

    And in my opinion, tainted money is worse than having no money at all.

    While of course Farrah is showing off her poor decision-making skills as a teen mother to her daughter Sophia, who will probably watch the video years from now, that’s not the only issue at hand.

    It’s already a concern for many of us to know that MTV gives some spotlight to teenaged mothers with both Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but the influence they have on our generation of teens is overwhelming.

    Not only is Farrah being painted in a light that lets teenagers of today see that you can get famous from being a young mom, but they see that making a sex tape is a money-making way to go to support your child.

    It’s bad enough that our society has given attention to cases like Kim Kardashian after she did a sex tape with the man who apparently “hit it first,” Ray-J.

    Whether the screenshots released of Farrah’s tape are being bashed on the web or being used as a man’s Playboy mag replacement tonight, she’s still getting her shine AND her stacks.

    Picture this: there is now a teenaged mother walking around somewhere with almost a million dollars in her pocket for busting it open on camera.

    Am I the only one who sees how backwards that is?!

    This obviously isn’t the first time a mother is getting down and dirty on camera for everyone to see, but it is one of the first times a “regular” teen mom is voluntarily selling herself for some diaper change.

    Even though giving shine to another one of the teen moms, who use their MTV spotlight for more positivity, might be boring or unexciting, it’s REAL.

    Don’t let the dollar signs fool you. Money doesn’t last forever, and neither does your dignity.

    It’s time our society makes a little switch-up, before the next generation switches on us.

    -Lindsey India

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