From Charles Ramsey To Sweet Brown: The Greatest Internet Legends Of All Time (LIST)

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    It only takes two minutes for a person’s life to change forever. We saw a life-changing moment occur on Monday, when Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey helped Amanda Berry escape from her tormentors who had the woman trapped for 10 years.

    If there is a silver lining to a story as horrible as this Amanda Bates kidnapping story it’s this: a star was born and his name is Charles Ramsey.

    Outside of his home, when asked about what went down, Charles gave one of the most memorable interviews you’ll ever see, detailing how it went down. Then he gave another. And another. All of them glorious.

    Two days later and Charles Ramsey hasn’t stopped trending on Twitter. Charles Ramsey is now an Internet legend. 

    He’s just one of many.

    Scroll down to see other Internet legends 

    The “Numa Numa” Guy

    Without Gary Brolsma there would be no Charles Ramsey. In late 2004, using his webcam, Gary Brolsma taped himself singing along to “Dragostea din tei” a song by some band in Europe called O-Zone. The video basically birthed Internet fame. (And, FYI, T.I. and Rihanna owe Gary a plaque or something, B.)      

    “Boom Goes the Dynamite!”

    As it turns out, the most famous anchor of all time doesn’t come from ESPN. It comes from former Ball State newscaster Brian Collins. Due to an inexperienced operator, Brian’s first time on TV was disastrous. The teleprompter kept messing up, so Brian had to adlib most of his script, including the most famous sports catchphrase of all time: “boom goes the dynamite!” Even after that infamous gaffe, last we checked, Brian is doin’ alright. 

    “Leave Britney Alone!” 

    Britney Spears comeback performance at the 2007 VMAs is one of the biggest train wrecks of all time. Brit took a lot of heat for her frightful performance. One person had her back, however, and it was Brit-super fan Chris Cocker who pleaded that people “leave Britney alone!” Chris was able to flip that little line into years of fame and a gay porn career


    “Doing Hoodrat things with my friends” 

    What’s “doing hood rat things?” We think Urban Dictionary explains it best

    “Things a 7 year old Boss does. Like stealing cars, hitting mail boxes and parked cars, totaling your grandmothers dodge durango, and making the 6 o’clock news.

    Kid: “I wanted to do it because its fun to do bad things”

    Reporter: “Do you realize you could of killed somebody?”

    Kid: “Yes, but I wanted to do hoodrat things with my friends’” 

    Grandma Marlene watches “2 Girls and a Cup”

    In 2007, one of the worst videos in the history of the world was released: “2 Girls and a Cup.” If you’ve never seen it, we won’t describe it to you. We’ll just say it’s sh*tty. But the video went viral and so did the reaction of people watching it. One of the most famous reaction videos became Grandma Marlene’s clip, which was shot by granddaughter Jacqueline. from there, Jacqueline would shoot a number of memorable videos with her grandmother. 


    Nikki and John

    Love is a battlefield, ya’ll. It’s a motto that real life couple Nickki and John live by. For years the two have been running memorable pranks on each other, taping the results and putting it on YouTube. Nikki and John have been at it for years, and there’s no reason why they would stop anytime soon. (Unless someone gets, you know, hurt.)

    Ted Williams: The Man with the Golden Voice 

    Wait, so THAT voice is coming out of THAT man? Seems impossible, but it’s not. In 2011, an Ohio homeless man named Ted Williams became a national hero for his singing voice, which seems like it’s from God himself. Ted Williams isn’t homeless no more: he now has a regular job, doing voice over work for Kraft.

    David and the Dentist

    Check it: father takes his young boy to the dentist; dentist drugs up the boy; dad videotapes the results; video goes viral; some hate it; but almost 120 million people have seen it. 

    Sophia Grace and Rosie rap “Super Bass” 

    We love Nicki’s version of “Super Bass,” but, honestly, nothing is topping Sophia Grace and Rosie’s version of the record. Apparently people like Ellen agree, because the television personality has given the cute-as-button children a limelight to shine.

    “It’s Friday!”

    Within five months of being release, Rebecca Black’s playful single “Friday” was streamed over 160 million times on YouTube: instant fame, including a write up in the NYTimes and a appearance in Katy Perry’s own ode to Friday, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” Unfortunately, things phased out for the girl after “Friday.”

    Antoine Dodson is the New T-Pain

    If Antoine Dodson and his humorous quotes weren’t great enough, someone had the brilliant idea to turn Dodson’s interview into a autotune-fulled song, which eventually made the Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

    “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!”

    Like, do we really need to explain this quote and video? Just watch, even if you’re like us and seen it hundreds of times.

    Kai the Hero

    Kai might look and talk crazy but dude is a hero. Earlier this year, drifter Kai saved a random woman’s life by hitting an attacker with a hatchet. Oh, and he also gave a damn great interview about it. 


    Earlier this year, Michelle Clarke was called the new Sweet Brown when this great video of her describing a hailstorm in Texas went viral.


    Have you seen this lady’s tits? No? Apparently you’re the only one.

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