Do You Want To See Paris Jackson’s Suicide Note? I Don’t…

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    If any family is a bigger media darling than the Kardashians, it would be the Jacksons.

    This morning while heading into the office, I saw the cover of the New York Post. It read “The Jackson Curse,” with a picture of Paris Jackson on the cover. I immediately thought, “I hope none of the Jacksons try to sell her suicide note, picture of the room, or any stories about how Debbie Rowe is brainwashing her daughter.”

    As you know, I’m in media, it’s my job to gather as much information about every situation that goes on in the spotlight – but we must draw the line somewhere. When a child’s life is on the line.

    Already it seems like two thirds of the Jacksons have released statements about Paris’ recent suicide attempt. Debbie was first, Katherine was next. Jackie, Marlon and Tito chimed in as well.

    Look, there is something called privacy and it’s time to take advantage of it. 

    Right now, the public doesn’t need to be told “thanks for your prayers,” the public doesn’t need to be told anything. It’s time to make sure Paris is getting the attention and the love she deserves. She is in pain and that pain needs to be examined and healed. The healing process is going to take time. 

    If Michael Jackson’s daughter threw a fit over a Marilyn Manson concert, that’s for the family to know. All too often the family’s issues have played out in the public and despite it being my job to know, I am begging the Jacksons to stop. It’s not too far-fetched to think that these public family quarrels could be a part of the reason the little girl is in pain. A very big reason.

    If it leaks we’ll report it, we have to. But talking to the media is not going to help the situation. What will help is walking up to Paris and asking, “How are you?”

    Listen to what she says, respect her feelings. Remember, that regardless of how upset you might be, this person tried to kill herself and she doesn’t need the internet judging her as well. 

    Paris’ family needs only to listen, help validate her feelings and stop talking to the media. 

    It’s a sad day when a little girl’s suicide has more leaks than a major label record.

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