Why “Girl Code” Is The Best Show On TV

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    MTV got themselves a real fucking winner with Girl Code.

    The show airs two new episodes every Tuesday (9:30PM & 10:30PM) and that just means double the amazingness.

    Girl Code may or may not be the best show on TV right now – but I’m going with yes, yes it is. 

    Even the network knows this.


    Girls – 1, Guys – 0.

    Meet the cast [the only ones that really matter]

    These girls talk a lot of shit and say exactly what I’m thinking. 

    They compare masturbation to food [as we all should]

    They know what it’s like to go through a breakup

    They let us know we deserve better

    They’re aware of correct first date etiquette

    Two words: Dick size

    Let’s be extra clear:

    They know what dieting is really like

    They know my innermost thoughts

    They’re repulsed by the same things as me

    They look like idiots while putting on makeup, too

    They know all about friend zone-ing

    And most importantly, Girl Code proves that like men, our minds are in the gutter a lot too.

    So we all agree, Girl Code is best show on TV?


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