Kanye West Reacts To “Yeezus” Leaking (DETAILS)

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Thank you Jesus for that Yeezus

Kanye West’s highly anticipated album has leaked, and the “internets” are going crazy. Although it’s only four days early, the whole world is talking about the coming of Yeezus

Of course, when artists get word that their album has leaked on the internet, they’re usually pissed, but what can they do? 


We don’t really know what Kanye’s thinking right now as his album wanders through the hard drives of millions, but his reaction is probably very interesting. 

Obviously, we don’t know for sure, but down below is somewhere in the realm of Yeezy’s reaction. 

So here it goes: 

When Kanye heard Yeezus leaked on the internet, he probably was like….

Then he said…

…and asked Kim, “Can you believe this shit?” 

Then Beyonce got word and…

…sent her condolences.

And after further consideration…

Kanye’s not a happy camper. BUT…

he’s praying to the other heavenly father that people…

listen to Yeezus….

and run to the nearest record store or…

purchase it on iTunes…

So he can shoot straight to number one on the charts and…

drop the mic on all these other rappers. 

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