12 Photos Of Jay-Z’s Shirts Telling You How He Feels (PHOTOS)

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    Jay-Z is winning. That’s the best way to put it.

    His “Go Home!” shirt that he rocked in the three minute long Samsung spot during game 5 of the NBA finals last night wasn’t just a dope shirt, he’s sending a message, clearly.

    Everyone and their mothers need to go home. Stop trying. The winner is Hov.

    Hov is kind of a funny guy. This statement shirt wasn’t the first time he had something semi-subliminal to say.

    He’s done it on mutiple occasions.

    So check out Mr. Carter and everything he has to say … via his shirts.


    First, he wants us all to “Blame Society

    While everyone else was busy occupying Wall Street, he was “Occupy[ing] All Streets

    He’s got the “Eye Of The Tiger”

    He’s “Global” [but we already knew that]

    He’s part of the “Bourgeoisie

    He’s always reppin’ for his home team [Hello Brooklyn]

    He’s also fashionable with this Rodarte [Radarte] hoodie

    If you wear camouflage shorts and Timbs you can be a member of the “Royal Army”

    He’s a supporter of the Billionaire Boys Club [it helps to be BFF with Pharrell, I guess]

    He’s a philosopher ["Do What Thou Wilt"]

    And let us not forget that back in 2003, Jay-Z was a “Hustler”

    Photo Credit: Splash, Instagram

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