Straight Styling: A Peek Inside Blue Ivy’s Tiny Little Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

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    Last year, Little Blue Ivy was just a wee baby girl strapped to the front of her Momma Beyonce in the baby carrier. Her facial features were relatively unknown, and the most we knew about the “first baby” of Hip-Pop was that she had an admirable shoe game. Since then, we’ve been blessed with the presence of Blue Ivy on a number of social platforms, but most notably, on Momma Bey’s website

    With sparing looks inside her little life here and there, we’ve seen Blue rocking everything from tutus to Adidas sneakers and graphic T-shirts, and have concluded that Blue is rocking with a pretty versatile lineup. 

    She’s too tiny to have a personal style all her own, but here’s everything we know about Blue’s ever-changing baby wardrobe. Be prepared for cuteness overload below. 

    Sometimes she likes to match with her mommy, but her real affinity is for accessories that may be a wee bit too heavy for her little ears.

    She doesn’t wear Burberry to swim. In fact, if she had it her way, she wouldn’t wear anything but Pampers to swim! 

    But if she must, Blue will break out a striped two-piece suit with a polka dot bow to match.

    When she’s doing backstage things on tour, she likes to keep is casual in puffer coats and lace up booties. 

    However, when it’s time to get fancy, our girl Blue knows how to dress it up. 

    Even if that means throwing on a pair of little lace up Tom Ford shoes with one-inch heels. Her walking balance may not be at stiletto level, but these are a damn cute keepsake. 

    Unlike other babies at the end of a fashion-filled day, Blue puts on her crown as the best dressed baby around.

    And drops her pacy for a fashion job well done.

    North West may be too little too small to be sizeable competition in the fashion game, but Blue Ivy is going to start watching her baby throne soon.

    PHOTO CREDIT: I Am Beyonce  

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