Did I Do Thaaaat? Your Favorite Hip-Pop Celebs Being Big Giant Geeks! (PHOTOS)

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    When you think of celebrities, you think of some of the coolest people in the world. 

    Jay-Z is currently writing new rules, Samuel L Jackson is notoriously known for being a bad motherfucker and then there’s Beyonce

    They’re cool as the rule, right? 

    Well, what happens when they get a bit geeky? How about really really geeky?

    They get even cooler!

    It’s probably one of the reasons these kind of celebs are so cool in the first place: they’re not afraid to show off their inner geek. 

    Check out these super cool celebs being very big geeks! 

    Bey gets cross-eyed while looking into the camera. 

    Sam is a bad mother… 

    Here is Sam doing a monologue from Breaking Bad. 

    Check out our girl Katy Perry doing a double dose of geeky. First as a giant wing-eating cowgirl…

    Then as a straight geek in her music video!

    Here’s our boy Tom Hanks taking pictures with a fan who is pretending to be wasted.

    Seth Rogen going extra hard for some Reddit Gold. 

    Sure, Morgan Freeman feel asleep during an interview, but he sleeps during pictures all the time.  

    See, all the time! The Redditors caught him slipping.

    Finally here is our boy Jay-Z listening to music. Like the true geek he is. 

    Photo credit: Reddit /Getty/ Terry Richardson / Twitter

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