RUDE GURL! Rihanna Yells At Fans After They Throw Food At Her During Manchester Show (VIDEO)

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    Pop stars being late for their shows isn’t really a new phenomenon. In fact, if you go to enough concerts, then you sorta start to expect it. Try telling that to the folks in England, however.

    The other day, Rihanna was performing in front of a Manchester, London audience that didn’t appreciate that the singer was late (which is kind of standard for RiRi.)

    So what did the crowd do? They started throwing chips during her performance of “Rude Boy.”

    We all know that Rihanna ain’t really having disrespect like that, so when the music stopped, she addressed the rowdy audience:

    “I like that. I like that a lot. Actually I love that shit.  I knew you were all going get crazy but fuck. This is next level. There’s a good crazy and there’s a bad crazy. When you throw shit up here, that’s an epic fail. I wanna get your gifts but I don’t want you to knock my people out. I swear to god, cut that shit out. Really, chips? Chips though? That’s that important?” 

    Tell ‘em, Ri! Watch the amusing footage above.

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