Thank The Lawd! Man Accused Of Carving Up His Wife’s Face With A Box Cutter Is Arrested (DETAILS)

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    This man took the line “If I can’t have you, no one can” quite literally. 

    On Wednesday around 11 a.m., police in Locust Grove, Ga., and officers from the NYPD, arrested 23-year-old Dartanyan Kingsberry.

    Kingsberry was wanted for the attempted murder of his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend Jennifer Altman. Kingsberry attacked Altman with a box cutter, leaving her with more than 2,700 stiches on her face and body.

    On the morning of June 28, Altman was on her way to work when she was confronted by Kingsberry, who was waiting for her at a subway station a few blocks from his mother’s house.

    The couple was only married for two months when they agreed to get a divorce because of Kingsberry’s abusive ways. But shortly after, he changed his mind.

    On the morning of the incident Altman says Kingsberry snatched her phone to draw her out of the train station. He ran to his mother’s house. She followed to get her phone back. And that is where the alleged attack took place in her front hallway.

    Kingsberry allegedly told Altman: “Well if I can’t have you, then I guess no one can.”

    That is when he allegedly pulled out a box cutter and repeatedly slashed her face and body. Jennifer survived the attack and sustained 2,700 stitches.

    Alman told PIX11 News that Kingsberry was going for her neck and she was trying to protect it because she didn’t want to die that way. Kingsberry fled the scene shortly after.

    He was spotted at a liquor store in Queens and later on at a relative’s house on Long Island before he was caught down in Georgia.

    SOURCE: Pix11 News  

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