Started From The Bottom: Drake’s Geekiest Throwback Moments (PHOTOS x VIDEOS)

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    Drake As A kid

    Drake is the talk of the town today, and rightfully so.

    He pushed back the release date for his highly anticipated album Nothing Was The Same, but fed fans’ hunger by unveiling the record’s cartoonish cover art. So, OF COURSE the internet is buzzing!

    One out of two covers features Drizzy as a baby, donning that cute little afro he used to rock as a kid. That got us thinking – Drake was always cute, but he’s definitely had some awkward, geeky, totally not suave moments.

    Think back to him whining over a tuna sandwich. Or, that super throwback class picture of him wearing glasses, OR even better is the time when he talked about how much his Blackberry meant to him.


    Yeah… so not smooth. It’s Throwback Thursday, so we made a list of Drake and all those perfectly geeky moments. Here we go!

    Drake Teenager Glasses

    Drake As A kid

    Aww Drizzy!

    Drake Degrassi

    Drake’s hairline was a little crazy here, but he’s still a cutie pie.

    Drake High School


    Drake Throwback Teenager

    Drake trying to be gangsta doesn’t quite fit…

    These aren’t throwbacks, but Drake was certainly caught slipping back into his old, uncool ways:

    Drake Basketball Game

    We don’t know what’s going on here…

    Drake Getty Suit & Hat

    The tongue. The hat. The hand. 

    Drake Dada


    Drake Walk

    Awkward walk you got going there…

    Drake Music Video WENN


    Here are HILARIOUS videos of Drake not being cool:

    Drake Gets Mad At His Mom Because She Forgot His Tuna Sandwich:

    Drake Tells Everybody Why His Blackberry Is So Special…

    Some Gifs: 

    Drake-laughing gif


    drake gif dancing 2

    Oh Nah… 

    drake gif dancing


    drake gif fingers

    Nooooo Drake!

    drake gif bobble head

    We have to end this here. But we love you Drizzy!

    Photo Credit: Tumblr/GettyInstagram/Wenn Video Credit: Youtube/WSHH

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