GET ‘EM! Obama Slams Republicans Over Obamacare (VIDEO)

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    Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech in Liberty, Missouri where he made sure the Republicans were listening very clearly.

    The speech went at the political party for risking a government shut down, as well as a possible debt default, during their efforts to attack Obamacare.

    Obama told the crowd:

    “The debate that’s going on in Congress is not meeting the test of helping middle-class families,” Obama said. “They’re focused on politics. They’re focused on trying to mess with me. They’re not focused on you.”

    “Basically, America becomes a deadbeat.”

    Our president feels that a shutdown of the government is “not abstract”, being that it could mean that paychecks won’t be put out, people won’t be able to work, and loans won’t get processed.

    He continued:

    “You don’t have to threaten to blow the whole thing up just because you don’t get your way.”

    Do you guys agree with Obama?

    SOURCE: Huffington Post

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