7 Things You Still Have To Do Even During A Government Shutdown (LIST)

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    Congress Meets As Government Shutdown Looms

    True: The government is shut down.

    False: You don’t have to pay your student loans.

    It’s a real shitty reality that there are many things that you can’t do during the government shutdown - like apply for social security benefits, visit national parks or go to work and get paid. But the shittier reality is that the things you thought would be suspended, aren’t.

    So while congressional Republicans continue to make nearly $700 a day, you still have to dish out a lot of money  – even though (if you’re a federal worker) you’re not making a red cent.

    Don’t you just love America?

    So yes, the following things are still very much in play during a government shutdown. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

    Pay For Parking

    parking gif

    Parking enforcement is still out and ready to slap citations on your cars, so watch where you park and feed those meters!

    Pay Your Taxes

    bullshit gif

    Don’t get all cute and think just because the government is shutdown (as is the IRS) that you don’t have to pay those pesky taxes. According to NBC, workers will continue to have taxes deducted from their paychecks, and all tax payments will continue to be processed. Uh…what?

    Go To Work


    Sorry “essential” employees of the federal government. A lot of you are working and aren’t even guaranteed back pay when Congress stops playing these petty political games.

    Get Caught By A Red Light Camera

    drive gif

    Or a speeding camera. Both will still be running and tickets will still be sent out. So no Fast & Furious on the streets. One because it’s just not safe. But two? Ain’t nobody got time to be paying tickets.

    Pay Your Student Loans

    paper gif throw

    Just go on and pick that Sallie Mae bill back up, because they have nothing to do with the government shutting down. Unfortunately.

    Go To School

    school gif

    Which you should be totally grateful for. Because the day the government shuts down school…well, let’s just say that won’t be a good day.

    Pay Your Rent/Mortgage

    dave chapelle gif

    Come on dude, that’s never going to change. Sorry.

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