The Shit Show: 9 Stages Of Breaking News…As Told In Gifs (LIST)

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    breaking news

    We’ve all been there.

    News breaks, panic ensues, the media scrambles to be the first to inform the public and SHIT JUST GETS MESSY. We’re all guilty of it and in the end, we’re probably wrong about half of the details. And we’ll probably end up retracting the statement about the mountain lion drinking pumpkin spice lattes with aliens that flew in on the Mars Rover when the police cruiser crashed through the Starbucks near the Capitol Building because of an earthquake.

    See what I mean? Messy.

    Truth is, we’re probably better off not saying anything until all details are made available. But living in a world where spreading information around the nation…the world…is an easy 140 strokes of the keyboard and the demand to know it and know it now is king, it’s hard not to share information in hopes of gaining a better understanding.

    But us media peeps have to do better. Because the stages of breaking news today are enough to give us all a heart attack…or incite a riot.

    Or, just make us look like this:

    Stage 1: The Shock

    Cat shock gif

    Stage 2: This Feeling


    Stage 3: The Rush For Information


    Stage 4: The Misinformation

    breaking news

    Stage 5: The Realization You’ve Misinformed (and it hits you like a ton of bricks…or a soccer ball)


    Stage 6: The Newsroom Reaction

    wrong gif

    Stage 7: Your Reaction…After You Realize You Tweeted It

    will ferrell gif

    Stage 8: The Attempted Redemption


    Stage 9: The Final Realization That Your Credibility Just Went Down 3 Points


    It’s OK. There’s always tomorrow’s news cycle to help us make a fool of ourselves.


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