RETURN OF THE GRAPH: Cool Hip-Hop Related Shirts Dudes Can Cop Right Now (LIST)

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    Over the last couple of months, one of the most interesting Drake style-developments have been hip-hop related graphic tees.

    He’s worn a ton of them. We’ve seen Drizzy wear shirts that feature everyone from Tupac to Master P — even one featuring his biggest fan, Jaden Smith. 

    If you’re anything like us, ma, you look at Drake and think, “damn, he looks great in that shirt. Where can we get something like that?”

    Well, sir, we got you covered. We searched the Internet to find the illest hip-hop-related shirts and sweaters that we could find.

    Scroll down and check them out.

    Coke Magic T-Shirt  

    “211”  $35


    Sprinkle Me $35


    YO! MTV Stussy rap shirts 

    De La Soul Tee $36YO MTV raps
    Ice T Tee $36
    YO MTV raps
    MC Lyte Tee $36

    YO MTV raps
    Rum and Koke

    Aaliyah shirt $49 


    For All To Envy

    “For the Children” Shirt $50

    ODB rap shirt

    Urban Outfitters

    Trust Nobody Tee Shirt $28



    Wu Tang Brand Limited shirt $28 

    Wu tang


    Legends of Hip-Hop Hoodie $42

    legend of hip hop



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