One With The Dance Floor! The 21 Best Justin Bieber Dance Moves…Of All Time (GIFS)

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    Justin Bieber Performs Live At The F1 Closing Party

    What young pop star do you know that has more, as Omarion would say, “body intellect,” than Justin Bieber?

    No one.

    Justin Bieber recently released the visuals to his latest banger “All That Matters,” and to our surprise, the video didn’t feature any footage of JB being carried up the Great Wall Of China (thank God). Instead, we got 4-minutes of Justin getting his light feet going in the Far East.

    Inspired by dance greats like Michael Jackson and Usher, it’s clear Justin borrows and remixes iconic dances like “The Moonwalk.” So in honor of Justin’s supreme moves, we rounded up the 21 best Justin Bieber dance moves…as told by gifs.

    Get your dance on down below.

    1. The Head Tapping Toddler Hip Wind 

    2. The Worm

    3. The Worm Gone Wrong

    Yeah…our sentiments exactly.

    4. The Cat Daddy 

    5. The Shirtless Jig 

    6. The Teenage Toe Stand 

    7. The Belieber Shuffle 

    8. The Teach Me How To Dougie Minus The Dougie

    9. The Ice Skate Break 

    Oohh, don’t hurt’em Justin.

    10. The Tootsie Roll-er-Skates 

    11. The JB Arm Hustle 

    12. The JB Moonwalk 

    Pretty good, pretty boy. 

    13. The Shirtless Slow Grind 

    14. The Fully Clothed Slow Grind 

    15. The MJ Crotch Thrust 

    16. The Snake Wave 

    17. The Leg Flap 

    18. The Struggle Step 

    19. The I Just Won An Award Dance

    20.  The Shaded Dougie

    21. The Lolly 


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