12 Hilarious, Slightly Racist, Somewhat Perverse, A Little Profane, Totally Outrageous Moments From Steve Harvey’s “Family Feud” (VIDEO)

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    Earlier this week, Black Twitter and the rest of the internet laughed at another woman’s ignorance when a young lady gave the dumbest and most racist answer we’ve ever heard on Family Feud. When asked to name something about zombies, she said, “they’re black?”

    Insert your favorite “take several seats” emoticon here.

    Once the video made its way to YouTube, it quickly became a viral hit and provided many laughs, comments and opinions across the web. But this isn’t the first time hilarity has ensued on an episode of Family Feud.

    If you didn’t know, the Steve Harvey-hosted version of the Feud goes in! They joke about body parts, naked grandmas and pork. So for your viewing pleasure, check out the oddest, most effed up moments on the show below.

    Steve Sings The Rhythm and Boobs

    Dogs Like More Than Doggy Style 

    Don’t Ask Me For Shit

    Flashlights In Butts

    Puff. Puff. Pass. Praise The Lord

    Wives Like The Big Whopper 

    Where Are Your Clothes, Grandma?

    This Pastor’s Wife Is A Spitter

    Pork Lawns and Stuff Like That 

    Not All Masturbators Go To Heaven

    Gimme Five, Sike! 


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