17 Hilarious People You Should Follow On Vine Right Now (VIDEO)

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    When Instagram gave its users the option to post videos, we thought that meant the end of Vine, but boy, were we wrong.

    Vine has become a super hilarious way for people to express themselves, not to mention, the WorldStarHipHop Vine Compilation has become a weekly ritual in the GlobalGrind office.

    But if you’re new to the social site, you might not know who you need to follow to ensure the ultimate amount of laughs. There are Vine crews, Vine teams and Vine hashtags that offer hours of enjoyment straight from your phone.

    Check out #TeamSour, Max Jr and Jerry Purpdrank, Page Kennedy, AlphaCat, DeStorm and the rest. Why are all the Vine-famous people friends? Sheesh!

    For a good cheat sheet, we highlighted 17 Viners you should follow if you want to find out how black people be, how white people be, what’s on Hip-Hop Disney, or if you just want to laugh your ass off. Check ‘em out below.

    Nash Grier


    Brittany Furlan

    Simone Shepherd

    D Rose

    T Pindell


    Jerry Purpdrank

    Darius Benson

    Black Daddy

    Alpha Cat

    King Bach

    Max Jr

    Page Kennedy



    Big Pip




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