8 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’d Never Want To Be Caught In Any Other Time (PHOTOS)

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    ugly sweaters

    ‘Tis the season to throw on all the things you would never wear and do party rounds to visit people you never see and eat all the snacks you never should eat, and of course, most of that takes place at the ugly Christmas sweater party.

    It is one of the few times a year that you get to dress bad, eat bad and be bad with no judgment – but only if your sweater is really, really bad. In honor of the season of gifting and dressing horribly (or amazingly if you follow this guide), we have scoured the web for some of the ugliest, most creative and some downright WTF sweaters that will get the point across at any ugly sweater party.

    In the collage above, we have made your life easier by ranking our finds from ugliest to “not-so-ugly but definitely never wearing that out in public” kind of ugly. Decide on what level of ugly you are aiming for and with one click, you can shop your find below. Remember, this is your one chance to be dressed like an ugly mess, but just make sure your makeup is on point for the photos.

    And it isn’t a party until your best friend is dressed up too, so here are a few sweaters for your wine bottle:

    wine sweaters

    Party planning complete! Shop our ugly sweater finds below.

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