So This Happened: George Zimmerman Is On Twitter…And He’s Tweeting Some Crazy Ish (DETAILS)

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    george zimmerman ebay painting

    Last week, we came across the Twitter handle @TheRealGeorgeZ, just days after George Zimmerman put a piece of original artwork on eBay (which eventually sold for $100,000 plus. Go figure).

    It was hard to believe it was real. You know, with tweets like this and all:

    Or this:


    I mean, you’d think “The Real George Z” wouldn’t be gloating about a controversial trial that resulted in his acquittal after he killed an unarmed teenager (no matter if there was malice or ill-will in his heart). Not! He answered the question about the Twitter account once and for all on his eBay post:

    Q: Hi. I was wondering if this account belongs to real GZ.

    A: Thanks for your question, Yes, this account and my twitter @therealGeorgeZ belong to me, George M. Zimmerman. I have received this question a lot so I posted a picture of me holding my painting with the hope that would clarify any confusion. Your Friend, GZ

    His brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., backed him up:

    So in short, it’s Zimmerman’s real Twitter handle. And yes, he’s being reckless as hell.

    If you care, you can check out his Twitter here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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