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Yep, that’s pretty much the reaction when you find some gross shit in a place where it does not belong.

Like your insects in your food. Or horse meat in your ground beef. And even a snake in your couch. And yep, it makes our skin crawl too. But it happens more than you think…

Like that time someone found…

Weed In A Burger:

Wendys Blunt Burger

Back in December, one Wendy’s restaurant in Georgia gave a new meaning to “burger joint” when a customer found a half smoked joint in her sandwich. Turns out an employee was smoking on the job and conveniently “misplaced” the blunt inside the burger. She was arrested and fired after the customer brought the marijuana laced edible to the attention of police.

A Razor In A Donut:

razor donut

December 2013 was the month of finding shit where it didn’t belong and this Dunkin’ Donuts customer was no exception. Priscilla Sala of Connecticut bit into a croissant she purchased and felt something sharp cut her mouth. After further inspection, she discovered the metal shards (some up to a quarter long) came from a box cutter. Dunkin’ Donuts corporate office said it probably came from the distribution center. And by the way, Salas’ mouth is fine.

A Snake In A Newly Bought Couch:


Well, it was newly bought…but not new at all. A Michigan woman purchased a second-hand couch from Craigslist and got quite the surprise when she found a slithering python chilling in the folds of the furniture. Holly Wright said she cleaned the couch and didn’t notice the reptile, but believes lack of food is what prompted it to come out. “It didn’t really react or hiss … It was quite cold in the room, there was no food for the snake and I think it came out of the couch because it was dying,” she said. The snake died before she could get help for it…and yes, they gave it a proper burial. As for the couch, well it’s right on the curb waiting for trash pick-up…in case you’re interested in that type of thing. 

A Frog In Salad:


Lay off those salads to keep you healthy in the new year. You may end up with something even worse than a pudgy belly. Like…salmonella perhaps? In December 2013, a Pret A Manger sandwich shop in Manhattan came under fire after a woman found a small dead frog in her salad. The woman’s coworker, an editor for the Wall Street Journal, posted the above photo of the dead amphibian on Instagram, which garnered a lot of dry gags, ewws and WTF’s. And of course, corporate isn’t sure how the little critter found his way next to the hard-boiled eggs and arugula.

A Frog In Green Beans:


It ain’t easy being green. In April 2013 Gloria Chubb was cooking a hearty meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans, but when she popped the can, she found a dead frog swimming in all that good green bean juice. Turns out the mini Kermit got caught up during the green bean harvest and accidentally canned. The company responsible sent Chubb a $50 check and an apology…but they might need to pay for her therapy to overcome a new fear of canned vegetables as well.

A Frog In Packaged Lettuce:


Seriously…frogs are like, constantly ruining a good green meal. In October of 2012, a woman found a live frog in a bag of lettuce she purchased from Wal Mart. It was impossible for the frog to enter the bag after she purchased, as it was still sealed when she discovered the amphibian bouncing around inside. Turns out the produce company, Marketside, uses a breathable plastic so that the salad doesn’t turn mushy and gross, which was a win for the frog who would have suffucated otherwise.

Venomous Spiders In Bananas:


In November 2013, Consi Taylor of London caught a real case of the heebie-jeebies when she noticed tiny little spiders hatching from the bananas she was about to consume. At first glance, she thought the little white spots were mold. “But when I had a closer look I saw some funny looking spots…and was horrified to see they were spiders. They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet.” After sending a photograph of the spiders to a pest control specialist, she was informed to get out of dodge and not return to the home until it was thoroughly fumigated — turns out the spiders were the highly aggressive and venomous Brazilian wandering spider (or banana spider). She returned the fruit to the grocery store and they offered her just $16 for her troubles. Because that’s enough for a lifetime of spider nightmares.

Rodent Fur In Ketchup:

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Group Buys Heinz

And then this happened. In August 2013, Brazilian health officials banned a batch of Heinz Ketchup after traces of rodent fur were detected in the mix. Authorities ordered an inspection of the factory where that particular batch was made as they banned all sales, distribution and marketing of the batch. No word if the special condiment reached customers before the discovery was made.

Horse Meat In Beef Products:

Severe Drought Major Factor In Steep Rise In Beef Prices

Remember last year when a handful of beef suppliers had to pull products off shelves because they were laced with horse and moose meat? Yep, that happened. This time…and this time. Oh, and that time it was found here. And in Nestle products. And yes, it was gross…unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Poop In Your Cake:

Cake is Prepared for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding

Back in March shit found in shit where shit wasn’t supposed to be turned pretty literal. Like…actual shit. Ikea stopped the sale of their almond cakes after Chinese custom authorities found a batch that showed traces of coliform bacteria, a type of bacteria that can be found in soil, vegetation, water and everyday human environments, as well as in the feces of humans and warm-blooded animals. So yeah…there was that.

More Horse Meat…In Your Taco Bell:


You don’t mess with Taco Bell. You just don’t. And yet…this happened. The horror!

Horse Meat In Your Burger King:


Clearly it horse meat was the new wave in 2013…

Brain-like Material In KFC:


In January 2013, Ibrahim Langoo from Essex (U.K.) was pulling apart his chicken from restaurant chain KFC when he encountered something that looked kind of like brains. After inspecting it, he realized that it indeed was an organ, whatever it was, and it was definitely not supposed to be chilling with the fried goodness. He later found out it was a kidney. “Although we haven’t received the product, it appears from a photograph that unfortunately on this occasion a kidney, and not a brain as claimed, was not removed in the preparation process,” a KFC spokesperson told The Sun.

A Used Condom In A McDonalds Play Area That Ended Up In A Toddlers Mouth:


Yep, that happened. The title is self-explanatory. Do we need to explain further or will you just take it for what it is and we can forget that terrible, disgusting thing ever happened? No? Okay…long story short Anishi Spencer took her two sons, three-year-old Jonathan and two-year-old Jacquel, to eat in one of those McDonald’s playground areas. That’s where they allegedly found the condom. And a little while later, little Jacquel coughed up a piece of the used contraceptive. Both children received medical attention and she eventually sued McDonalds. And now we’re all avoiding the ball pit.

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty, Screengrab, Giphy 

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