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    At, we focus on custom, high engagement programs that create immersive brand experiences via multi-platform integration on, across OUR network of over 30 sites, and through offline events and programs. The goal is to deliver deep engagement, high user interaction and results-driven executions.

    Highly Coveted Audience- Over 2.3 Million Uniques/Month

    Global Grind’s multicultural audience of influencers and trendsetters, 18-49 skewing female (52%) are loyal and engaged. The audience is quite diverse with 46% AA and 56% other. Our evolved segment of users drives and influences trends in culture, fashion, music and lifestyle. There’s a multiplier effect when reaching these tastemakers.

    Ad Opportunities

    • High Impact Display Ads (Expandables, Rich Media, Takeovers, Roadblocks, Interstitials, Interactive Custom Units)
    • Compelling Sponsorships
    • Brand Partnerships via Custom Features
    • Celebrity Blogger Endorsements
    • Interactive Events, Microsites and Promotions
    • Mobile- SMS, Apps, Promotions
    • Email Marketing- Newsletters, Blasts, Alerts
    • Video: Branded Content, Pre-Rolls, Live Sessions
    • Social Media Promotions and Applications
    • Custom Programs That Incorporate Cutting Edge Interactive Solutions
    • Offline Events and Opportunities (Experiential Marketing)

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