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<p>Well it is constant rumors going around that he does know how to give the business &amp; he got that good good lol! But I just need a more in depth story though! But either it goes you gotta love it….It Songz Baby:) Smooches &amp; Blessings^_^http://luvbeauti.blogspot.com/</p> <p>Oh yes, I did read this story when it was first posted and I almost cried. For him to sing such succulent songs and put such heart into his songs/voice, that man better be able to give the business!… my body was the ish at the age of 19 :-(http://didyouseehershoes.blogspot.com/</p&gt; <p>i think she lying because i remember i was watching an episode of LTL (jermaine dupri youtube show) and trey said he likes 2 get head because he likes his dick to be wet when he put it in the condom and he wouldn’t eat her pussy and she aint returning the favor but who knows it could have happened</p> <p>This was the worse one yet. This honestly sounded like one of the thirsty,chubby,hot-mess looking girls at the concert that DON’T get any love lol. Not to go overboard but this was seriously the lamest/fakest one yet…umm details…’Trey don’t like weave’…This shit was wack.Sorry.</p> <p>i dont believe this story one bit. i think if you gone make up a story it betta be damn good cuz this shit is wack!!! And i didnt think it was neccessary to put ya age as the last sentence….</p>

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