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Motivation- the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action, toward a desired goal: the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.


The Most Powerful Thing In One’s Life 

As humans we all fail at times and tend to have insecurities. We all have gone through and probably are still going through trials and tribulations. Some worse than others but why do people make those obstacles and situations their excuses vs. their motivation? Is it not understood that motivation is one of the most powerful things in our lives and that we have total control of it!

Motivation goes hand in hand with drive. It can be the reason we fail in life or the reason we become successful. Not to judge others, but I can’t understand how people use their past experiences as a reason why they don’t chase their dreams; whether it’s child physical/verbal abuse, love or even rejection. And I believe I have every right to say that because I have experienced most of those things and still come across obstacles and rejections to this day. Never have I dwelled or made any of that my excuse to not succeed and make something out of myself. I used those as my MOTIVATION, which is helping me grow and get passed the negativity that life comes with.  I have numbed myself from so much of my past that just a few weeks ago I sat down with a paper and pen, had a couple of drinks and started to write to a slow beat that had just been emailed to me.

As I was writing I started to tear and I then realized I was crying. That’s not normal for me. I have grown such a thick skin through out my life that I don’t express emotions most of the time. I knew this was good for my music so for the first time in a while I let loose and tapped into my past and continued writing as I was crying. There were so many things that I totally numbed myself and forgot about.  As I sat back and analyzed my life. I swear to you I felt like the wealthiest person in the world without having the billions in my account. All because I came this far. That’s why I am so persistent when it comes to my goals.  I got through a lot of bullshit coming up so no one can ever tell me I CANT!   If they attempt to say it, my rebellious side turns that into MOTIVATION.

When we prevail those situation that seem like all odds are against us… the outcome is one of the most rewarding life long moments we come across because we then have an appreciation for what we achieved or got through.

 As women in this world and especially in my industry we have to push even harder than men, but we have to always remember that’s what makes us as strong as we are. The harder you push the stronger you become. Even I fight those odds to this day. People’s perceptions of me are the total opposite of reality.  They tend to think the reason why I got as far as I did was based on my looks. In all reality, that is what makes things even harder for me. Especially with me pursuing my career as an artist. Nothing has ever been handed to me before so I don’t expect that to go down now.

I have always put in work with anything I did. If I don’t put in work how else can I learn and grow into being the best? I consider those perceptions ignorant. I also come across ‘friends’ in the industry not wanting to support me because of their own personal insecurities or even them not believing in me. Which gives me a “Fuck you, I’m going to do this with or with out you” attitude. Which goes back to MOTIVATION.

In conclusion, I say all this to say there will always be closed doors but the fact that we can turn those knobs should gives us MOTIVATION to find that key and open that door for ourselves.