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What up world this is me, Jason Mizell aka Jam Master Jay’s Son.  I’ve been quite busy trying to make a ‘NAME’ for MYSELF.  I have mad respect for what my father did before me but I want my own SHINE!!!!  Let my talent speak for its self!!  A lot of people thought I should jump right in and get started where my father left off, however that wasn’t as easy as you would think.  

People may think because of who I am that I’m ok, but it’s because of who I am that I have to work twice as hard.  I have to put in work…there’s no silver spoon…it was more like a fork and everything I had just fell through. I was in ATL working at various clubs performing with Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, TI…you can just say if they were hot in the South, then we had a show together. I went to do the college thing for a while, but music was calling me. I then returned to NY to continue my Grind. It’s been a long and tiresome Grind. I had to come HOME.  From what I learned, it’s not always about talent, it’s also about who you know. You can say I know a lot of people, but everyone’s in NY.  That’s why I came home to get in touch with the right people who I trust.

My Cousin (Boe Skagz) had a nice movement going on in New York, The ABC Gang.  When we got together things started to happen crazy fast.  By the time I touched down we shot a couple of videos.  I’m always right at the door of my next big break and yet not quite there yet. You can say that the move back home worked.  Right now, we are working Irv Gotti. The single is now on Hot 97 and on Power105 in New York.  Although it’s been a long ride, I know it will only get smoother from here.


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