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As Fathers Day approaches, its time to reflect on the good qualities your dad may have had that influenced you to be the man you are today. The truth is, my dad wasn’t around at all! I met my dad for the 1st time last year and shortly after we met, he died.

This isn’t a self pity blog. Fact is, I really never gave a shit about Fathers Day and neither did my friends whom didn’t have fathers or whose fathers weren’t around. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, but with this blog I’ve chosen to break the curse.

I love my birth father regardless. The love that God has instilled in me extends to all man. If not, then I’m a hypocrite! I enjoy watching people who take pride in being a father. These people inspire me to become a better father. As a matter of fact, my friends and I compete on fatherhood.

Before my list, I must explain. A celebrity to me is someone who influences others by leading by example. A celebrity, in my eyes, also makes mistakes but learns from them. While some names on my list you may wonder who they are, be assured they are celebrities to me!

Anyway, my top 10 celebrity fathers are (in no specific order):

Rev Run
Sha Money XL
Ted ‘Caspa’ Hogan
Evans ‘Bugs’ Ervin
Russell Simmons
Ted Hogan Sr.
Patrick McInnis
Solomon Dabah
Thomas Kemp Sr.

and Raine Harper Young my mother. The best mother/father in the world!

R.I.P- Alfred ‘Sonny’ Harper, Will Codrington, Shakir Stewart, Larry McInnis, Vance Van Putten, Chikosi ‘Chase’ Kid, James ‘Uncle Jim’ Harper, Roosevelt James Sr.


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