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This is about a case in Flint Michigan where four black men on February 17,2009 was convicted of premeditated murder, first degree murder, assault /w intent , felony firearm. For the murder of a 14 yr old. Whom had possible murdered other person. The thing is that NO DNA or Fingerprints match them to the crime scene. But DNA from three other donors was on the bullet shells at the scene. Sergeant refuse to summit DNA on other suspects. The only eyewitness said he could not see the defendants very well when first talked to Sergeant. Then all of sudden he claim he seen there hair under hoodies, baseball caps and du-rag. then he claim he seen their facial hairs,name brand of all the clothes they wear,color and name brand of tennis shoes. He also describe the type of guns each one had down to the shape clips. All on the run with a glance of less then five seconds. Under dim streetlights 8:15 pm from 35-50 yds away. They were held in jail 15 months no bond before trial.nThey were convicted by an all white jury. The Sergeant twisted witness stories and use jail house snitch. Three was convicted to Life in prison plus up to 47 yrs. The Sergeant made a deal with the one person whou0027s girl friends gun was connected to the crime. To testify against the for innocence blkmen. He mention to some people that he was involved in the shooting.

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