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<p>Hey Guys,</p><p><br />So <strong>Halloween</strong> is in a little over a week, and it&rsquo;s high time to start thinking about what you&rsquo;re going to wear! If you&rsquo;re anything like me, you&rsquo;ll most likely want to inject a bit of style into your costume while flaunting your <strong>unique </strong>sense of chic&hellip;and who better to look to than <strong>divas</strong> for inspiration?</p><p>We’ve got the<strong> greatest ideas</strong> for Halloween costumes for your FAV <strong>Bombshell Divas</strong> such as <strong>Grace Jones</strong>, <strong>Diana Ross</strong>, and even the Queen Diva..<strong>BEYONCE</strong>!!</p><p>If you want the <strong>HOTTEST</strong> Halloween costume this year make sure you check out <a href=""></a>&nbsp;for more details!!</p><p>Later Bombshells!</p>