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<p>Steve Harvey and his third wife, Marjorie Bridges-Woods Harvey are featured in the December 2009 issue of Essence magazine. I didn’t want to bore yall with info you already knew (i.e. his book–even I’m tired of hearing about it–and yes, I did read it, his radio show, becoming BFFs with Oprah, the Hoodie awards). So instead I selected excerpts from their interview where they talked about how they met, the night Marjorie almost walked out on him for good, their beautiful blended family and why, after two failed marriages and one messy-ass, much-publicized divorce, Steve considers Marjorie to be his one true soul mate. Also, I want to point out that I read that entire interview at least three times, and I still don’t know what Marjorie does or has ever done for a living. If anyone out there knows, let me know! In the meantime, check out excerpts…as well as pics of their blended family as well as their massive 5-story mansion in Atlanta below. FYI, this weekend, I’ll be updating B.C.M. with more blog postings and pictures of black celebrity men.Steve, who has 3 children (twin daughters, Karli and Brandi, born in 1982; a son, Broderick Jr., born in 1991 from his first marriage, and one son, Wynton, born in 1997 from his second marriage of over 10 years to ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey), and Marjorie met over 17 years ago when Marjorie walked in late during one of Steve’s stand-up comedy gigs in Memphis, Tennessee. He told the audience that, although he didn’t know who she was, she would one day be his wife. They dated briefly, but then went their separate ways–she into the arms of a former fiance, he into the arms of a first wife….and then a second. In 2006, they divorced their partners and began seriously dating again. Steve almost lost her when he accepted a phone call from another woman–in front of her. Of that night, Marjorie says, ‘I was just at a point in my life where I was like, ‘If what you want is the same thing as what I want, then great. If not, it just means we’re not in the same place. What I’m not going to do is sit here and be in something where I’m not happy and not getting what I want. I wasn’t afraid to walk away. It didn’t take a shouting match or me yelling at the top of my lungs to get my point across.’ Steve says, ‘She wasn’t talking loud, but the zippers on that bag were pretty damn loud. Them high heels in that hallway at three o’clock in the morning was kinda loud.’ Needless to say, Steve came to his senses and the two tied the knot in June 2007.CLICK ON EACH PIC TO SEE ITS FULL IMAGE</p><p>STEVE ON WHY HE CREDITS MARJORIE FOR SAVING HIS LIFE: ‘The thing I’ve learned in all of this is that you can make a lot of mistakes, and you can mess up real bad and God can fix you up anyway. [Marjorie’s] loyalty, courage, strength and willingness to help him get closer to my children made her a keeper. That’s the cold moral of this whole story. You’re looking at two people who were messing up for real and making bad decisions without conferring with God. But the fact that you can mess up that many times and still come out okay is a testament to just the grace and mercy of God, man. He took up all the way around the block, halfway around the world, and we got back to each other. I mean, there’s not two days that go by when one of us doesn’t look at the other and say, ‘Man, you’re the best thing that ever happened to men in my entire life.”</p><p>STEVE ON HAVING A BLENDED FAMILY: ‘It’s a blessing when your new spouse is accepting of your children. Do you know the pressure that takes off? At the end of the day, the kids didn’t ask for any of this. The kids didn’t know you were going to break up with their mama, their daddy. They didn’t know you were going to try to find happiness elsewhere. And they really don’t have anywhere else to go except where you go. So for a woman or man to accept their partner’s offspring as theirs and love them that way? A ton of pressure is off. Slowly but s

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