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A delivery of her fashion line was held at knife point and robbed from the man driving the delivery truck, the items were headed to America and set to hit Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Ave. The stolen goods included 75 dresses that were worth $571,830. So clearly I missed the memo that this former Spice Girl is aiming to be the new Chanel with pricepoints like this, but umm she needs to get it together, you fly and all Mrs Beckham but I’m not spending that many coins on none of your frocks, Sorry…

Anyway back to the story at hand, here are the rest of the details, two men  apparently broke into the van and stole the boxes of dresses in what the London police is calling a ‘well planned heist’. The driver suffered minor injuries and was a bit disoriented when authorities arrived. Now  I dont know about ya’ll but this ish sounds like a straight inside job… Who just miraculously stumbles on a van filled with faux designer dresses, (Yes Victoria I said Faux, you are no designer honey) and gets away sight unseen? 

Victorias people said that she is ‘deeply saddened by the robbery and hopes that the factory (of little kids) can remake her dresses in enough time to have them redelivered. (With a police escort that is..)

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