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Although Gucci Mane is currently serving times behind bars, his influence in music and on the streets is strong! Everywhere you go you hear a Gucci Mane song or someone yelling his classic ad-lib ‘BURRRR!!!’ The ATL representer is becoming a main staple in hip hop and he’s having a huge impact on the culture. With that being said, here’s five things that we won’t forget about Gucci Mane while he’s in jail.

Gucci Mane’s ‘So Icy’

Ever since he stepped on the scene, Radric has been known for his jewelry game. From the Bart Simpson chain to the Atlanta Falcons helmet, Gucci is definitely so icy!

Gucci’s Vocabulary

His music is great to listen to, but if you speak with him you may have a hard time understanding what he’s saying. Don’t believe me, listen below.


Gucci Mane’s New Swag

Everyone knows that money makes you look different, and Gucci must be getting plenty of it. In his new videos, Gucci appears refreshed and cleaned up. Maybe it’s the rehab, or maybe it’s the new teeth, but money is definitely giving Gucci a new look!

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