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In 2009, a lot of crazy things happened in music. From Kanye’s Taylor Swift incident, to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s drama it was a very eventful year. But the things that shocked me most, were the crazy a** tattoos that all these artists were getting. Maybe it’s because they have tons of money. Maybe they’re bored and have too much time on their hands, but someone should tell them that some of these tattoo choices are ridiculous. Check out some of the starts and their ink!

Rihanna’s Staying Strapped With That Gun Tat

RiRi’s new tattoo means ‘Never A Failure, Always A Lesson.’ You can learn from backwards tats. 

Ross’ Cazal tat is for the glasses that don’t have the label on them. Peep the Maybach logo too!

The World Is Soulja Boy’s; tattoos and all…

The cross was the newest edition to SB’s ink collection.

Soulja had to even things out with the cross. 

Lil Wayne got rid of a teardrop for his momma…

Not all the tears are wiped away.

Is Birdman trying to tell us something? Maybe he’s invested in a gas station.

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