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While flipping through channels on TV, I couldn’t believe how almost every news media outlet was reporting on the Tiger Woods scandal. The Woods saga has been going on for hours on end, day after day. I just feel as though there are so many more issues in the world that’s affecting the human race. If that same energy, interest and focus was put into those issues we might be able to see a bit more progress in our world. I understand that this scandal is a shock for people, being as though Tiger Woods had such a squeaky clean image. This just goes to show that you can never judge someone’s character by the image they choose to put out.

Infidelity is so common and sad. Why not just be content, happy and faithful with the one you chose to share your life with? If you’re not prepared for that then you should never stand in front of God and make those commitments. I guarantee he did not gain a thing from dealing with those other women. At the end of the day he only lost. Not saying he won’t ever be able to bounce back from all this, but was it really all worth it? I would expect a successful man that has been exposed to so much of a successful life to be wiser of his moves. Yet, in actuality most successful men still cheat and go outside of their homes. No one really knows the truth about their marriage, sometimes there is more to the story than people assume. That’s still not an excuse as 13 women…that’s excessive. With the HIV/AIDS rate out here, a person should be scared to cheat one time alone.

They say there might be a love child involved which to me is a crucial addition to the whole scandal. I can’t explain how much I LOVE children and recently a close friend of mine came across a situation that made me realize more than ever the significance of bringing a child into this world. They are the MOST precious things in the world!!! If you’re not ready to give a child the undivided family attention and love that they were given life to have, then don’t bring them into this world. The attachment between a mother/father to their child is naturally strong. Well, supposed to be anyway. So to have a child and keep their lives as a secret is a devastating thing.

I started off writing this blog thinking how the media is giving this situation too much energy. I still believe this is true, but this also shows the world how even money doesn’t make you the smartest person or make you immune to issues that the regular 9-to-5 hard working person goes through. If anything, the money and success should make you wiser in your choices and grateful for how God positioned you in life. Be especially thankful for those supportive people at home. Why look anywhere less? There is so much more to life than those few moments of pleasure, which you would think, they already have an understanding of.

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