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<p>User Password Remember me</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Cheating&hellip;Side Chicks..Tiger Woods. Sounds like typical Water Cooler discussion among men. The Fly Guy recently sat down with Nelly to get his thoughts on the three topics and he definitely had alot to say. Check out excerpts and the video below:</p><p>Nelly On whether you should confess to cheating, even if you don&rsquo;t get caught Obviously no one wants to get cheated on and noone wants to hurt the person they are with. I think its one of those things where&rdquo; to each its own&rdquo;. No relationship is the same and I think that is what we are forgetting when we look at this. A relationship should be whatever makes those two people happy. That&rsquo;s what we forget. Everyone is trying to stereotype what a relationship should be. If those two people are happy, that&rsquo;s the way it should be. I hate when you look at all these books on how to make a relationship work. How the hell you are going to say how to make a relationship work when people aren&rsquo;t the same? Their environment aren&rsquo;t the same. They go to marriage counselors telling them how a relationship should be and his relationship ain&rsquo;t even right.</p><p>Nelly On Tiger Woods In The Media I don&rsquo;t see how all these wimpy ass cats are coming out talking about how they&rsquo;ve lost all this respect for Tiger&hellip;. If I was tiger i would say &ldquo;I&rsquo;m apologizing to my wife and my family. I&rsquo;m not apologizing to nobody else out here. I don&rsquo;t owe nobody else anything. This was MY wife. That&rsquo;s who he owes his apology to. He owes that to his kids. It has nothing to do with golf. That has nothing to do with a public perception. That was a personal relationship. That&rsquo;s what I hate. He without sin cast the first stone. That&rsquo;s how I feel. Can&rsquo;t no one mess with that man on the golf course and I hope he comes out and whips everyone&rsquo;s ass. I&rsquo;m cheering for Tiger than ever now.</p>

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