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<p>Posted by: thaddeus98</p><p>A newly started bilingual K-6 school in Costa Rica started up by 2 young couples is trying to get LLCoolJ and Def Jam Records to make a donation to get their LLCOOLJ.NET domain name back.</p><p>In a nutshell, the couple is holding the doman ransom.&nbsp; Domains are bought and sold on a regular basis but often times, celebrites and big name companies purchase all domains related to their name or product.&nbsp;&nbsp; .COM and .NET are the most valueable; followed by .org, .info, .biz and a multitude of others.</p><p>On a fluke, one of the owners of the school, Thad, bought the domain "" about an hour after the domain expired on New Years Day 2010.&nbsp;&nbsp; While it’s valued at over $4000 on, the amount of the donation is irrelevant.&nbsp; They’re currently building a computer lab for the school&nbsp; and offering scholarships for low income kids to attend the school and recieve a high tech bilingual education.</p><p>"We’re trying to get an donation from LL Cool J or Def Jam Record and we’ll transfer their domain back.&nbsp; Anything will help out here.&nbsp; No word yet,&nbsp; but….it’s pretty entertaining."</p>